Service Plans, Maintenance Plans, Warranties

At Citton Cars, a used car dealership situated in Pretoria, we believe in more than just selling or buying cars. We believe in providing our customers with the best after sales care possible!

Because of this, we offer our customers a service plan and extended warranty that suits their pocket, and their own, unique needs. We believe that our clients, even though purchasing a pre-owned car, deserve to be taken care of. Because of this, we have come up with two plans that ensure their vehicles, and they, are taken care of during their hour of need.

But what, exactly, does this entail?

We offer you two affordable plans that suit your specific needs, meaning that during those ‘down’ times you have the assurance that your car is taken care of, sparing you the added expense when money is tight.

The Citton Cars service plan

The service plan supplies our customers with a convenient budgeting option that allows them to spend less time worrying about the costs when their vehicle needs a little special pampering. It pays for certain specified aspects of your vehicle’s service by an approved facility for a certain period or distance traveled (whichever comes first) in South Africa.

The benefits of a service plan

  • Servicing costs are fixed, meaning you do not feel the pinch when your vehicle needs to go in for a service.
  • You no longer need to worry about things such as inflation or an increase in parts or labour
  • Your vehicle is serviced only at manufacturer-approved dealerships, using manufacturer parts, and employing trained professionals.
  • You get to transfer the balance of your service plan in the event you want to sell your vehicle.

Does your vehicle qualify?

You most certainly qualify if:

  • Your vehicle is less than ten years old
  • It has a mileage of under 250 000 km

Your service plan is in place until your vehicle is either ten years old or has a mileage of over 250 000 km, whichever comes first.

The Citton Cars Explorer Plus Warranty

The Citton Cars Explorer Plus Warranty covers not only the parts that are covered but uncovered parts as well in cases where those that are covered are responsible for their damage. We also have a NAMED exclusion policy. This means we actually NAME the parts that are NOT covered, giving you 100% transparency and clarity with regards to what is, and is not, covered.

Furthermore, we offer nationwide coverage at authorized repair facilities, adding to your safety and assurance. These facilities are paid directly. An added bonus is the towing and rental reimbursement on offer.

The Citton Cars Explorer Plus Warranty provides you with full comprehensive cover on your engine, transmission and drive axle, steering, front suspension, brakes, electrical system, air conditioning, cooling system, interior, and assemblies and controls. All this while giving you the option of choosing the terms.

We offer our customers two options when considering this plan. They can opt to take it for a period of only a year, or two years, whichever suits their particular needs.

Your Citton Cars professional can fill you in on all the details. Give him a call today to find out more about the fantastic deals on offer.

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