Vehicle Warranties

Citton Cars, South Africa’s premier used car dealership in Pretoria, South Africa, has helped thousands of satisfied South Africans get on the road with their choice of vehicle since 1992. We do things differently!

What makes us different to most used car dealerships?

We offer our own Citton Cars endorsed warranty underwritten by motoriet, this is something no other dealerships do.

We know, and understand, that as a car gets older and racks up the mileage, you will need to service it more often. Our warranty absorbs a large percentage of those repair bills during these times.

Because we believe in transparency, our imminently affordable plan outlines exactly what it does, and does not cover, offering you an extended warranty when your vehicle is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Our extended service plan’s written policy lays down all the terms and conditions.

Please refer to it for further information.

What are the costs?

The cost differs, depending on you, as the vehicle’s owner. But for as little as an additional R2,50 per month, we also supply you with roadside assistance, giving you the assurance that in the event of a breakdown, an approved service provider will most definitely come to your assistance. You never need fear you will be rescued and assisted! Which other dealership has cheap cars for sale in Pretoria with this kind of offer?

What are your Citton Cars Explorer Plus warranty options?

You have two options when going with a Citton Cars Explorer Plus warranty option. You can opt to take it over either one year or for a two-year period. The choice is yours, whether you wish to opt for the single benefit option, or whether you want to double up for twice the motoring peace of mind. You decide!

Contact Citton Cars

If you are considering one of the Citton Cars Explorer Plus warranty options, talk to your Citton Car professional today! We are readily available to discuss your options. Transparency, to us, is a key element of doing good business. We believe second hand cars in Gauteng should receive the same treatment as those that are brand new.

What does the Citton Cars Explorer Plus Warranty offer you?

01 Cause and effect coverage

If a part that is not covered is negatively impacted by a part that is covered, we repair or replace that part as well.

02  A named exclusion policy

Most available service plans only name the parts that are covered. They do not mention the parts they do NOT cover. At Citton Cars, our service plans cover ALL parts of the vehicle EXCEPT for those that are excluded and named in the plan.

03 We offer nationwide coverage at any authorized repair facility.

They are paid directly. We also offer towing coverage and rental reimbursement. Full details are available on the contract.

04 Comprehensive coverage

Citton Cars offers second hand cars in Gauteng with full comprehensive cover on your engine, transmission drive axle, steering, front suspension, brakes, electrical system, air conditioning, cooling system, interior, and assemblies and controls.

05 You choose the terms

Our flexible coverage gives you the option to choose the terms that suit your particular, unique, driving needs!

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