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At, Citton Bosch Car Service Gezina Pretoria we take your experience of a workshop to the next level.  It is extremely important to us to keep our clients happy at ALL times.citton bosch car service

Our Mission is to provide honest and affordable services to our customers and to keep our customers safe while driving.

Our Vision is to provide quality repairs and service to our new and repeated existing customers and to keep at all times a high standard. Clients that are satisfied every time they walk out our door with a smile.

Our Promise

At, Citton Bosch Car Service Gezina Pretoria we treat our customers with respect.  We also keep our technicians up to date with the newest technology, because Bosch expect from us to do training on a frequent basis.

At, Citton Bosch Car Service Gezina Pretoria [...]

holiday & boarder crossingsIt’s holiday time! Many of you might be thinking of heading to one of our neighbouring countries in search of warmer climates. Did you know that both you and your vehicle need some official documentation to cross the border?

To make your border crossing a smooth one, we’ve compiled some tips for you:

What you need to go on holiday:
  • A valid driver’s license

(Although not an official requirement, an international driver’s permit is recommended for everyone driving in foreign countries)

  • A valid passport
  • Original vehicle registration papers (and certified copies) and valid vehicle license papers.
  • Insurance and Third Party Insurance
  • Stickers, triangles and safety gear
What you need to do go on holiday: A valid passport
  • Your passport should be valid for six [...]

With the every changing and increasing petrol and fuel price – saving petrol costs influences us all in our purchase of new and used vehicles.  If it was so simple we would all just automatically save money using the same tactics.

So here are our tips for you.  We use these at Citton Cars Gezina and want you to get the same benefits.

Our 6 Tips Are:
  1. A low mileage pre-owned car, like any newer car, inevitably has a better fuel consumption than the same car 10 years ago. With almost all cars, world-wide fuel-economy is a strong selling and eco-friendly point. So, the average fuel savings of newer cars sold has never been higher.  This means that every newer car you buy in the future will be more fuel-efficient than a similar car today (not to mention safer).
  2. [...]
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