Diagnostics & Services


More and more vehicles are being built sporting advanced technology.

In order to provide a professional service to our customers, our on-site Bosch service team makes sure they are on top of the latest trends with the latest diagnostic tools.

This gives our service team the competitive edge as well as the ability to supply our customers with a cost effective service.

Our team undergoes constant training, keeping them informed of and trained in the latest car technology, using the latest technical software, test equipment such as portable diagnostic testers, battery chargers, air conditioning service units, and diesel test equipment.

They also study up on the latest developments and have a technical hotline staffed by a team of expert technicians at their disposal.

The Bosch team uses only quality Bosch parts wherever possible. Bosch parts are made to a vehicle’s original equipment standards.

This ensures that your vehicle leaves the premises fitted with exactly the same quality parts with which it leaves the factory.

Our qualified service technicians have your safety at heart and aim to ensure your service experience is a great one by providing our clients with a superior service each time a vehicle is brought in for repairs.

For superior service using quality parts and the latest in diagnostics testing that ensures any car problems are properly diagnosed and repaired, call our Bosch team to make an appointment at Citton Cars, the place to go when looking for used cars for sale in Pretoria. Customer satisfaction is our measure of quality.

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