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A car owner needs to have their car in the right condition before they undertake a journey, especially with a change in season looming ahead. A family weekend or camping with friends during summer should not be about you worrying of breakdowns. Consider the following when planning your travel to see that it goes as smoothly as possible.

Car Tires

Being oblivious to the fact that tires are liable to damage from wear and tear is not a good idea. A properly maintained tire is regularly rotated and inflated. Don’t just fill them up w

th the maximum pressure listed on the tire itself; refer to the owner’s manual to know what’s best for your car.i

The same thing goes for the spare tires too. After all, a backup in case of an emergency is as good as the condition it’s kept in.

Under the Bonnet

itYou may have been up to date with regular [...]

Most of us feel crippled if we don’t have our cars to run errands or maybe commute to work. Others still hate the idea of being stuck because the car broke down, or being involved in an accident because the brakes were not working. Since we are so dependent on our cars, it’s important that we pay attention to it and any signs it shows of requiring maintenance.


Is your car creating abnormal sounds? Some of the common ones including screeching, squealing, grinding, and rubbing would indicate that the car’s brake pads and shoes are worn out. The problem should be investigated and taken care of before other parts too are damaged. If it was from the rust on the brake rotors, the squeals would cease as soon as the rust is worn off; but if the disc and caliper have been rubbing together, the rotors would need to be “turned’ or perhaps replaced.

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