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10 Tyre maintenance tips

Looking after the tyres on your car should be one of your main priorities when it comes to the maintenance of your vehicle, and with good reason, when you consider that the only contact between the vehicle and the road is its tyres.

With this is mind, here are 10 great tips for looking after your tyres.

  1. Selecting your tyres: Because of the important role your tyres will play in keeping your car on the road, it is important to select the best ones. They will provide you with the grip you need for good traction while at the same time providing comfort and improved fuel economy.
  2. Check for wear and tear: You should regularly check the tread depth on all your tyres. The tread on your tyres provide grip and disperse water from underneath when driving in wet conditions.
  3. Maintain the tyre pressure: Under-inflating your tyres can reduce their service life and increase the risk of damage to them. Tyres that are inflated correctly can help you achieve fuel efficient driving.
  4. Balancing: Keeping your wheels balanced can prevent early wearing and can also eliminate vibration. It also acts to protect the steering system of your car, including the bearings.
  5. Wheel alignment: If this aspect of your vehicle is not in order, the handling may become compromised. It can also result in uneven wear and tear on your tyres and give you better mileage.
  6. Newer tyres at the back: If you are only fitting two tyres at a time, ensure that the new tyres are placed at the rear. Doing this provides better control during an emergency break and improves the handling.
  7. Maintain your tyre valves: Valves can contort at high speeds, leading to air leaks while the valve cap is the primary seal. The cap also prevents dust and dirt from entering the valve mechanism.
  8. Rotate your tyres: It is advisable to rotate your tyres every 5000km to ensure that they wear down at the same rate. Doing this will increase the life of individual tyres and increase your safety.
  9. Be aware of the tyres design specifications: Do not drive on gravel roads with tyres meant for tar only. This could lead to damaged tyres. Also, certain off-road tyres will wear down much quicker when used on surfaces for which they were not intended.
  10. Service life: Educate yourself on the service life of the tyres fitted to your vehicle and make sure you know when they should be replaced.
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