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Car Review – 2012 Volkswagen Cross Polo 1.6 TDI comfortline

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At first glance, the Cross Polo seemed a little expensive and I couldn’t quite get the practical side of having a “cross” instead of a SUV or conventional Polo.

Another thing, looking at the power figures it was only 77kw where the old 1.9tdi Polo sportline was 96kw. But there is something about the way that Volkswagen puts the power on the ground that always amazes me and it was no different with the Cross Polo 1.6 TDI. FBV305FS-05-640x450When you start examining the figures you will notice the Cross polo 1.6tdi has a huge 100nm of torque more and is a second to 100km/h quicker over its sister 1.6 petrol versions which starts clearing things up with the difference in price.

Immediately after stepping into the Cross you can see the German quality that we have come accustomed to. It has high quality finishes with stylish almost bucket seats which gives it a completely different feel retaining the classy yet very “spunky” feel.

Driving the Polo was a real pleasure. It has a very comfortable drive but doesn’t lack the handling that you would expect by the slightly higher centre of gravity. VW-CrossPolo-preview-09The average fuel consumption with urban and town driving was 6.1l/100km which is fantastic but slightly higher than the 4.2l/100km claimed by Volkswagen. One of the highlights driving with the award winning diesel motor is that you never feel that you need to hunt for gears whether on the motorway or in town as the torqie motor is responsive and more than I expected from a 1.6.

On the whole I was very pleased with the driving experience of the Cross and as time went on I could see the value in purchasing something that was different yet made me feel special at the same time. Maybe if I was trying to be critical I would say there wasn’t a USB port or there’s no Bluetooth, but in all honesty the ergonomics that really matter, Vw nailed it on the head.

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