Training. Advisory. Franchising. Ventures. Workshop

About Our Academy

Citton Cars Academy is a division of Citton Cars and ideally positioned to meet the huge need for assistance that exists among independent and franchised car dealerships.

At Citton Cars Academy, we focus on four areas, namely:


  1. Training
  2. Advisory
  3. Franchising
  4. Ventures


Time is a precious commodity in business. More time spent on non-core business activities means less time is available to strengthen the core of the business. And that’s exactly where we can make a significant difference by training your staff in all aspects of running a car dealership:


Built on a robust 27-year track record in the industry, our advisory model is proven and solid.


With the Citton Cars franchising model, any standalone dealership has immediate access to a world-class, watertight business system.


Here we take equity positions in independent dealerships.


Because Citton Cars is the only independent vehicle dealership with its own Bosch Car Service workshop, we can show you the “what” as well as the “how” of establishing a successful and profitable Bosch Car Service Centre.

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