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Something many people forget when buying a vehicle is their car insurance. For some reason, people have the mindset of I do not intend getting involved in an accident, so why do I need insurance cover on my vehicle?”

Why do I need to insure my car?

There are two major reasons why vehicle insurance is essential for all car owners. Firstly, your vehicle is covered in the event of an accident and secondly, both you and the bank are covered in the event where the damage to your car is such that it needs to be scrapped. It therefore makes sense to take out insurance. Besides, you may be a great driver, but that does not mean that the rest of the driving population is. We do not plan to be involved in accidents; they usually happen out of the blue.

How does Citton Cars help you?

Besides helping you get the finance you need to buy your pre-owned vehicle, our qualified staff are also equipped to help you get the insurance needed to ensure you are covered in the event of an accident. Financing alone is not enough to secure your asset. To this end, we have several value-added products that bridges this gap at affordable prices, enabling all our customers to make use of what we deem asset-based financing.

Our car insurance option at Citton Cars

Unforeseeable events happen to anyone at any time, and they hold significant financial implications. To make provision for accidents, Citton Cars has partnered with Hollard Insurance to reduce the impact of such incidents.

We offer our customers:

Shortfall cover

The total financed amount for your vehicle is the value of the vehicle plus the interest. It stands to reason that, for quite some time early in the repayment period, you owe the bank more money for your car than what it is worth, and what the insurance will pay out for it. Shortfall cover ensures that this amount, that you would otherwise have been liable for, is covered if your vehicle happens to be stolen, hijacked, or written off in an accident. Once your monthly installments have “caught up” with your car’s depreciating value, shortfall cover is no longer needed.

An excess contribution

In the event of a shortfall, our shortfall policies contribute towards your insurance excess up to R10 000. For any other claim, R1500 is paid ONCE during a period of twelve months, depending on your finance agreement.

A monthly installment protector

Where there is a total loss, your monthly instalment on your vehicle is paid for up to three months, capped at a maximum of R5000 p/m, or your actual instalment, whichever is less. This benefit is payable for three months or until such time as your insurance settlement is finalised, whichever comes first.

A loyalty/replacement bonus

A loyalty or replacement bonus of R6000 is payable towards the purchase of your next vehicle in the event you have suffered a total loss.

Accidental death cover

The pay-out is R5000 within the first 30 months of your contract and R50 000 thereafter,   should you die in the event of a road accident in any passenger vehicle.

Tyre damage insurance

This is valid for three years or 60 000 km, whichever comes first, in the event of irreparable damage due to punctures or sidewall damage.

Life protection cover

Includes the cover of 12 dread diseases that could result in the settling of your outstanding finance balance. In addition to that, pre-existing conditions are covered for 24 months of the date of your finance inception date.


In the event that you are retrenched, your monthly vehicle instalment is paid in full, ensuring the availability of your vehicle to search for other employment, and to prevent your credit record from being negatively influenced.

Permanent and temporary disability

If you should become permanently disabled, your account is settled in full. If you suffer temporary disability, your monthly installment will be paid if you suffer a loss of income during this period.

Death cover

In the event of your death, your outstanding balance is settled in full.

Deposit protector

You receive a 100% deposit refund in the event of a total loss, giving you the needed funds for your replacement vehicle.

Return to invoice – depreciation cover

We refund the amount lost to depreciation so that you can replace your vehicle at its original value. This is also available on cash deals.

SMART scratches, dents, and chips

Small Motor Accident Repair Technology for scratches, dents, and chips. We maintain your vehicle’s bodywork in showroom condition. You pay no excess and have unlimited claims. This increases your vehicle’s value.

When you are a credit risk, on ITC, or blacklisted

Your credit rating is protected, allowing you the option of refinancing your replacement vehicle at an affordable interest rate.

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