Determining Your Offer

and how we go about it

Determining Your Offer

One of the biggest hindrances when buying a new vehicle is selling your old one. At Citton Cars, we make this transition as easy and transparent as possible for all prospective customers.

What we do

Appraising your vehicle is a meticulous and scientific process, not a wild guess. We go through a checklist so that we can give you the best deal possible.

The process takes about thirty minutes of your time, while each appraisal and written offer on a vehicle is valid for 7 days. This gives you the time to think about our offer and whether you still want to sell you vehicle.

When determining the price offered, we use the following criteria:

1. Current market conditions

Prices fluctuate all the time, depending on national sales trends and the current exchange rate. It is, however, a good indicator of whether we are giving you a fair offer on your vehicle.

2. The inspection

We thoroughly inspect your car, inside and out. Although small imperfections would not have much of an impact on the offer we give you, we do need to take major defects into consideration, such as dents or other damage.

3. Your vehicle’s history

Your car’s logbook tells us a lot about it. It gives us an idea of its past and how it was cared for. It is an important document when determining an offer.

4. The test drive

We will, of course, take your car for a test drive to see whether everything is in working order. This includes items like the lights and the brakes. If repairs are needed, we would need to take this into consideration and adjust our offer accordingly.

Are you ready for your next car experience? Do you want to trade in your car for another or sell it outright? Visit us to launch your newest car adventure.

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