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Trade in Your Car

Trade in Your Car at the Premier Used Car Dealership in Pretoria

Is it time to trade in your car? There are, in fact, several places where you can do this. Used car and new car dealerships are, of course, the first that come to mind. As a general rule of thumb, they pay you more or less Trade value on your car, and subsequently sell it on at Retail value. As a matter of fact, many people prefer to sell their cars in this way, because they are assured of the amount agreed upon.

They might be able to get more for their car if they sell it out of hand, but then that comes with its own set of problems. First, you may sit around a while, even months, until someone shows an interest. Second, do you buy a car before having sold yours first and, if you do, [...]

Here is a list of South Africa’s Ultimate 4X4 Trails:

Nothing beats a breath-taking experience in your favourite 4×4 – as a matter of facts there is nothing that can match exploring some of South Africa’s wonderful landscapes while tackling an off-road challenge at the same time. South Africa’s ten definitive 4X4 trails provides a brilliant marriage of scenery and a test of your off-roading skills and capabilities.

If it’s a 4X4 you would love to own, we have just the car for you. We are able to offer a wide variety that will please the fussiest car enthusiast:

  • De Wildt – North West Province – where skill is a prerequisite as some have rolled vehicles in the past. Once you are out on the trail keep a look out for animals such as zebra, kudu, impala [...]

Sometimes, the economy takes a dip. Suddenly, your money is worth less. Interest rates get hiked, and you’re forced to make some adjustments to your purse to plug the leaks.

Keeping your budget healthy and your credit record intact without compromising on your lifestyle can be an uphill climb. Refinancing may be the answer.

South Africans are struggling with debt today due to poor financial planning including; credit card debt, in store credit, wrong buying decisions, and living beyond your means. The increasing costs of living (rates and taxes, electricity, water tariffs school fees, etc.) means that South Africans are, now more than ever, finding themselves in financial difficulty because they have over extended themselves. Comfort living is in jeopardy as financial pressure on every household builds month on month.

You have heard about refinancing, but [...]

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