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15 Tips to Ensure the Sale of Your Vehicle Goes Smoothly

We will buy your car even if you don't buy ours.
How to ready yourself when selling your vehicle

It sounds a lot easier said than done when selling your vehicle – perhaps it is a better idea to sell your car through a reputable used car dealership rather than privately. However there are a couple of steps that need to be implemented to ensure the sale goes smoothly.

How to ready yourself when selling your vehicle:

  • Before anything you need to obtain a Roadworthy-Certificate – without this most essential document you will not be able to sell your car either privately or through a dealership.
  • The price of a Roadworthy-Certificate can cost anything between R200 and R300.
  • Regular check-ups are essential to ensure your car is in a Roadworthy, safe condition.
  • Check your shock absorbers, windscreen wipers, tyres and brakes regularly.
  • Selling a vehicle does not necessarily mean a private vehicle for private use – you [...]

We Buy Cars Pretoria

We Buy and Sell Top-Quality Used Cars in Pretoria

At Citton Cars, we buy and sell used cars from our premises in Gezina, Pretoria. Gezina is overflowing with used car dealerships, but we are different., This is chiefly because we have been around for more than 25 years and we still have the same owner. Over the years, we have also acquired a reputation for the best quality and service available in the industry.

Therefore, several national financial institutions and other service providers have seen fit to associate with us. We can likewise offer you finance from a myriad of financial institutions. Our warranty underwriters are Motorite and our Bosch Service workshop is, moreover, RMI-approved. In addition, our cars are DEKRA-approved before they leave the premises. This is far more than name-dropping – it illustrates how uniquely accountable our dealership is.

We Will Buy Your Car

We buy [...]

The Culture behind the Citton Cars brand

The C-icon represents a racetrack. This icon has been part of the logo for the past 30 years.
Racetrack definition: A track for motor racing. C-icon symbolises: track + motor + racing

Racetrack definition: A track for motor racing.

The word Track defines the business’s head – its road map, the way forward, the track it is on, it’s proven track-record. Our history of success and its strategic focus to secure future success.

The word Motor defines the business’s heart – the core essence of motoring, an award-winning independent dealer country wide in the motor industry. Specialists in buying and selling of motor vehicles, as well as the support services associated with the motoring industry.

The word Racing defines the business’s soul – its adrenaline, its ambition, it’s aspiration to be better than the rest.

The energy on the floor, the raciness of the product and the excitement customers experience. And just to add to this, [...]

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