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The term ‘Bakkie’ is as uniquely South African as the Kruger National Park or Table Top Mountain. After all, the very term comes from the Afrikaans term ‘bak’ or container.

However, Bakkies come in two different varieties. I.e.4×4 and 4×2 and they both have their own respective pros and cons. However, they are similar in many respects such as the fact that they are essentially small trucks that are equipped with an open body and correspondingly lower sides. Due to this, they are ideal for the outback for a number of reasons. Such as transporting both large articles and people to different places with ease.  Let us take a closer look at both, so as to figure out which one would fit your requirements the most.

However, when it comes to determining the answer to the all-important question of 4×2 vs 4×4, it is important to [...]

There was a time when the luxury sedan was considered ubiquitous. As a matter of fact, sedans were considered the premier status symbol as well as the most practical vehicles when it came to upscale and socially mobile South African urbanite – ‘were’ being the operative word here.  This is because sedans at this point in time are going through a reversal of fortune. Even world renowned sports car makers like Maserati are enthusiastically jumping on the sports utility vehicle or SUV bandwagon.

Gone are the days when South Africans used to buy a sedan for commuting to work and back while keeping a rough and tough 4×4 jeep for a day out in the bushes. The SUV can effectively be used for both these tasks, thus effectively making both sedans and open 4×4 jeeps superfluous except for the true [...]

We all know the feeling, you buy something, get home, and then…nothing. You feel disappointed. With clothes, you can take it back, with a cell phone – not so much. With a vehicle, it’s tough.

The best way to avoid the sinking feeling of disappointment is to visit a dealer with a variety so that you can test drive all your preferences and compare them instantly.

Buying to suit your budget, lifestyle, and most importantly, driver comfort should be your deciding factors. A reputable, trustworthy dealer will go a long way to ensuring your expectations are exceeded. If, however, you’ve bought a car, got swept away in the moment but the euphoria vanishes as soon as you get home, then there might be a very slight chance of undoing your mistake.


In terms of the Consumer Protection Act [...]

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