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You realise you need a business vehicle but you’re not too knowledgeable on what financing options would be best for your business. One person advised you to buy the vehicle and another to lease it. You’re now sitting there wondering, should you buy or lease the vehicle?  Help!

The great thing about vehicle financing options is one size does not fit all. The option you will choose is highly dependent on your long term goals.

Let’s consider a small business owner named Mike. Mike decided to lease his business vehicle because he didn’t want to pay capital upfront. He prefers getting a new vehicle for his business every two years to portray excellence as per his brand strategy.

He entered into a lease agreement that allowed him to enjoy the use of the vehicle without immediate ownership and a [...]

How futuristic will your next car be?

Driverless cars are achingly close. Self-driving vehicles have already racked up millions of miles, and their development is accelerating. But pundits say we’re further from the driverless future than we think.

We’re not quite at widespread adoption of electric cars, either. Ford projects 70% of its cars in China will be 100% electric by 2025. That’s still 7 years away. And people tend to drive their cars for an average of 6.5 years.

The car after your next one will probably be both autonomous and electric. But what about your next car? The one you get when you trade in what’s currently sitting in your driveway?

What Jetsons-style futuristic treats are in store for you in the near-future?


Drivers of Elon Musk’s Tesla cars already enjoy Autopilot features. With the help [...]

When to sell your car can be a bit of a guessing game, but there are some sure-fire certainties that it’s time to trade in.

From gathering dust in the driveway to a repair bill the size of your savings, these are five signs that it’s time to sell, pronto.


1. It no longer meets your needs

The biggest reason people sell their car is to up-size for a growing family. The next most common reasons are because they’re moving, or because it was a second or third vehicle that isn’t needed anymore.

Things change. Your zippy two-seater was great for getting you round the city when you were just starting your career, but now a baby’s on the way – or the second one – you need something with a bit more space for a car seat.

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