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The automotive experts believe that our children and grandchildren will operate almost the same cars as we do but they are also using different terminologies for cars of 2050, including electric and autonomous.

Some factors that are contributing to the cars of future include environment, fuel and energy, population, area, and industrialisation.

In emerging economies, it is expected that by 2050, that automobiles will reach up to 3 billion, which means that more space, more roads, more fuel, and bigger parking spaces will be required.

The Concept of Mass Motorisation

Keeping this in mind, the automobile innovators are thinking of more revolutionary ways that can replace the 150 year old invention of present day cars and meet the needs of the people of 2050. The following are some of the changes which are expected to be seen on the [...]

Why you need Credit protection cover when buying a vehicle on finance, whilst having life insurance.

For most South Africans, in this economic climate, credit is a way of life. The challenge comes when the unforeseen happens and you aren’t able to make the repayments to the financial institution. Will your spouse or family be able to keep up with the monthly vehicle instalments?

If you are retrenched, suffer a dread disease, become disabled or even worse, die, will there be money to pay for your vehicle?
If these unforeseen life events happen, a Credit protection plan protects you and your family and helps you and/or them to meet the required financial obligations.

This is not similar to ordinary life insurance as these protection plan benefits go directly to paying off the specific outstanding financial obligations of your [...]

15 Tips to Ensure the Sale of Your Vehicle Goes Smoothly

We will buy your car even if you don't buy ours.

It sounds a lot easier said than done when selling your vehicle – perhaps it is a better idea to sell your car through a reputable used car dealership rather than privately. However there are a couple of steps that need to be implemented to ensure the sale goes smoothly.

How to ready yourself when selling your vehicle:

  • Before anything you need to obtain a Roadworthy-Certificate – without this most essential document you will not be able to sell your car either privately or through a dealership.
  • The price of a Roadworthy-Certificate can cost anything between R200 and R300.
  • Regular check-ups are essential to ensure your car is in a Roadworthy, safe condition.
  • Check your shock absorbers, windscreen wipers, tyres and brakes regularly.
  • Selling a vehicle does not necessarily mean a private vehicle for private use – you [...]
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