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The BMW GT is a Car So Alive with Possibilities

The brand new BMW 535 i GT is a car that is rocking the motoring world. This part luxury sedan, part coupé, as well as being part SUV is a car alive with possibilities inhaling technology whilst exhaling emotion; a car that is quite unusual yet is a super-luxurious tourer.

This stylish car, which is an offshoot of the usual 5 series is built with an assortment of varieties uppermost in mind which are all quite distinguishable.

What’s the GT all about

  • The inner bits are still the same and fortunately show its luxurious roots which offers all-out comfort, luxury and style.
  • This luxurious vehicle is fashioned on the platform of the 7 series as there is a copious amount of room in both the front as well as the back – so much so that passengers in the back are able to recline their seats.
  • The best part is perhaps the boot which is electronically operated and once opened you would be astonished how much you can fit in (perhaps an elephant or two?).
  • A straight six 3.0 litre petrol engine begins to purr as soon as the accelerator is tapped, producing a mind-blowing 225 KW and 400 NM of torque which is guided through an 8-speed automatic gear system to the rear wheels.

The BMW 535 i GT is a graceful creature equipped with all the right bells and whistles – but take note that this does not come cheaply as you could be faced with heavy fuel bills, especially if you live in Gauteng.

Perhaps a pre-owned, low mileage car with more balance would be the BMW 530 d which is a perfect balance between comfort and sporty competency which is possibly the car of choice for those seeking a luxurious transporter.

If you are in the market for a car that will make an impression; one that stands out in a crowd, the BMW 5 GT should without question be the car of choice!

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