Bosch Service Centre Pretoria

Bosch Service Centre Pretoria


Bosch manufacture a vast amount of automotive equipment, from the humble spark plug to the complex engine management control unit. At Citton Cars, we use the very latest Bosch test equipment, fit genuine Bosch parts & attend many Bosch training courses. The combination of these three factors makes choosing a Bosch Service Centre, the right choice for our customers in Gezina, Pretoria.

We use genuine Bosch spares in our servicing & repairs. Bosch parts are made to a very high standard & have a very low failure rate.

Fitting a good quality part has always been paramount for us, as we believe in giving our customers the very best quality car service that we possibly can. Bosch is also chosen by many vehicle manufacturers as their original equipment supplier, so replacing parts with Bosch is as good as it gets.

Top quality worldwide

It is no coincidence that drivers around the world trust Bosch Car Service. After all, we strive to offer the best auto service organization on the planet.

We set the highest standards

At Bosch service centre in Gezina, Pretoria use professional diagnostic equipment and have access to extensive vehicle information. All staff are well-trained and work to uniform quality standards. To preserve the value of your car, we only use quality spare parts from Bosch.

Our Bosch Car Service centre in Gezina, Pretoria therefore provide a complete all-round service. Under our motto “We do everything for your car,” we offer competent advice, professional repairs and perfect services under a single roof – everywhere in the world.

Everything for your car

It’s good to know your car is in safe hands. No matter where you happen to be, Bosch Car Service experts really do everything for your car.

We’ll put it right

Our Bosch Car Service centre in Gezina, Pretoria perform every job on brakes, electrical and electronic systems, engines, air conditioning and anything else that might need repairing in your car reliably and accurately. This is because we know your car, however rare its make may be. All repairs are carried out to the highest quality standards – for which we give you a guarantee.

Helping before it’s too late

If you take your car to our Bosch Car Service centre in Gezina, Pretoria for regular checks and maintenance, you can be assured your vehicle won’t give you any nasty surprises. Our professional staff help keep your car out of trouble.

Upgrades for your car

Bosch Service centre in Gezina, Pretoria have a wide range of quality spares and accessories for your car, e.g. navigation systems for retrofitting. And we’ll install them for you straight away.

Bosch Spare Parts for a longer life

Bosch Car Service outlets have a unique range of spare parts, all in Bosch quality. These spares are just like the parts auto manufacturers fit in their new vehicles. That is why we at Bosch Car Service say they are of “new car quality”.


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