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We offer a wide range, varying in size and load capacity.

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Citton Commercial is a branch of Citton Cars and was established especially for owners of small and medium-sized business looking at buying a second-hand commercial vehicle. Citton Commercial offers a wide range of commercial vehicles, varying in size and load capacity, including half-tonners, 1-tonners, single cabs, cab-and-a-half pick-ups, double cabs, and panel vans.

There are several criteria to consider when buying a used vehicle. Our solution to help you pick the right car is a highly qualified sales team. The trained professionals at Citton Commercial help you make the choice that is right for your business. What should you look out for?

Points to consider when buying a used car

  1. What are your business needs? Do you require a 1-tonne pick-up with dropsides, or do you need a panel van? Each business varies, and so does its commercial vehicle needs.
  2. Do you require a relatively new model or will an older vehicle do?
  3. What will you be able get for your estimated price range?
  4. Do you need a car with a service and maintenance plan?
  5. What are you loading bin size and weight needs? What space capacity are you looking for?
  6. Is mileage a major consideration?
  7. If deciding on a bakkie, do you wish it open, with a canopy, or with a tonneau cover?
  8. Is interior space a major consideration?

What our salesforce do for you

Our salesforce can take you through your different options regarding the vehicles suitable for you, taking into account your business requirements. They can explain each vehicle’s unique features so that you to make the choice that is right for you. All aspects of each vehicle are explained, from its power output and fuel consumption to its load capacity. We want to help you take your business to the next level.

Online Clientele

At Citton, we believe that choice is everything, and we want to help you choose the vehicle that is 100% right for you. To this end, we send all the details and photographs we have on a vehicle to customers enquiring online. We are readily available to assist with queries via the telephone and or email. No stone is left unturned to give you as much information about a vehicle as we possibly can.

But we offer more!

Not only will we help you make the right choice for your business, but we will gladly assist you to obtain the financing you need. Once financing is arranged and you have the vehicle in your possession, your first instalment is only due after sixty days. Because your business is a priority, we feel that giving you this payment holiday will help you get your business off to a running start without the worry of paying that first month’s premium immediately.

Visit us at Citton Commercial to test drive one of our range of commercial vehicles. We have something available to suit both your pocket and business requirements.



Cnr 521 Swemmer Street & Johan Heyns Drive Gezina, Pretoria 0186


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