Our Culture

As times and technology change, so does the way in which business is conducted. One thing that does not and never will change at Citton Cars is the company culture.

Citton Cars’ company culture rests on four pillars:

1. We have an entrepreneurial mindset

We constantly look at new strategies in order to come up with innovative solutions to meet challenges. Our proactive problem-solving approach means that we think of creative new ways to solve problems and add value for our customers.

This approach assures our position at the forefront of our market sector, which is the business of buying and selling top-quality vehicles of all shapes and sizes at the best possible prices, while providing customer service that we are proud of.


For a business to be successful, we rely on teamwork. Teamwork requires us to listen, share, and keep an open mind at all times, and it is only successful if each individual’s individual strengths are harnessed, differences are acknowledged, and obstacles overcome in order to achieve the optimal, desired results.

Teamwork cultivates a culture of trust and respect that incorporates each team member while maximising productivity and each person’s fullest potential.

3. We are passionate about what we do

We are fuelled by an enthusiasm for the used car business. Ultimately, this paves the way to greatness, which is why we were awarded the Best Independent Car Dealership of the Year Award in 2016. Yes, we are the best used car dealer in South Africa!

Doing what we do best in innovative new ways reinforces our position as the leading used car dealership in South Africa.

4. We exceed expectations

As a buyer, you have certain expectations of your used car dealer and the vehicle you purchase. We are intent on exceeding those expectations. Our staff goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide a delightful purchasing experience. We do not only want you to consider us a car dealership, but a part of your family.

Take a test drive today!

Citton Cars is not only in the business of buying or selling vehicles. We sell you a dream. In order to do so, we ensure that each vehicle that leaves our floor is in perfect order – with a limited 30-day guarantee.

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