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The Best Stereo Systems in All of South Africa

In today’s increasingly fast paced and hectic life, it is considered almost unthinkable to own or even drive an automobile without a really high quality infotainment system. This is due to the fact that unlike the older generation of stereo systems of yesteryears, the typical car stereo and sound system of today has to wear many hats. It is used for a wide variety of purposes.

Some of them include the following:

•  It is first and foremost a prime communication device that does double duty as a car phone through which either the driver or other passengers present in the car can make and receive phone calls. They can do this with help of either a Bluetooth device or an actual GSM enabled sim that may have been installed inside the vehicle’s infotainment system

•  It can also act as an aid in navigation with help of a satellite link and a highly interactive road map that has the capability to work in actual real time as well.

•  It can also make your vehicle a whole lot safer, thanks to multiple cameras that are located at the front, the sides as well as the back of the vehicle, acting as its eyes to help you when you are either driving or parking your car.

• Last but not the least, they can also help you by pumping out really high quality music to ‘drive away’ the tedium of those really long and boring drives.

All of these qualities help to ensure that the humble car stereo and sound system

is as popular amongst drivers today as it has been for generations before. This is largely thanks in large part to the myriad different FM radio stations that have now mushroomed all over the country and cater to the rush hour traffic in many, if not most, urban areas.

However, an infotainment system is only as good as its components. For example, if a really awesome “head” (the system installed in the dashboard) is mated to low quality speakers, tweeters and sub woofers, then it will defeat the purpose of purchasing a high quality system in the first place.

The car cameras are important too. If you drive at night, then night vision capable back cameras can help your parallel parking abilities. The same goes for head unit itself. If it has the requisite functionality, then it will be a joy to operate.

In the light of the above, we can state that a properly installed high quality head unit that has been accessorised with the correct auxiliary units can give hours of listening and viewing pleasure.

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