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Selling your car to Citton Cars vs. selling your car elsewhere

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Citton Cars backs every appraisal with a bank cheque offered on the same day

  • Online estimators only provide used car values with no offer, and many dealers will only buy certain cars

Citton Cars’ specially trained car appraisers physically examine each unique car to make an offer

  • Many online estimators use market data to provide an estimate without making you an offer for your car

Citton Cars appraisals are free

  • Selling your car yourself may have extra costs associated, like cost of ownership, insurance, and advertising

Vehicle must have an NCO certificate [ notice of change of ownership]

Citton Cars will buy your car the day it’s appraised

  • Selling to a private party can take weeks, and you could be dealing with untrustworthy people

With Citton Cars, you don’t have to worry about any hassles, title issues, or about a buyer obtaining a loan

  • Selling to a private person only increases the risk of being hassled after the transaction

Citton Cars will buy your car, even if you don’t buy one of ours

  • Dealers may use your car as a trade-in and require you to purchase one of their own

Citton Cars believes in transparency of our process, allowing you to walk and speak with your appraiser while your car is being inspected

  • Dealers may play games and not tell you how they create their offer
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