Private to Private

The ins and outs of selling a car privately

Citton Cars offers you the best service in selling or buying privately!

Private car sales between two individuals can be a fraught with peril. Not all people are familiar with the paperwork required for a private sale of a motor vehicle, nor might they have the time to take the documents needed to the relevant authorities in order to finalise the resale.

Citton Cars helps arrange this transaction between the buyer and seller. Our process ensures that all requirements are met in transferring the vehicle from the seller to the buyer correctly registering it. Both parties are protected in the process. We guarantee a safe, secure deal, proven by our 100% fraud-free track record via TransUnion.

Additionally, our car appraiser has the vehicle thoroughly inspected at out AA-approved workshop to ensure its legality and quality. The buyer has the peace of mind that the vehicle has not been stolen and recovered, been in any major undisclosed accidents, or been rebuilt.

We partnered with all major banking institutions, allowing us to facilitate a safe, hassle-free private sale for you!

Our service includes:

  • We conduct the administration, verification, and re-registration of the particular vehicle.
  • We ensure that the Multipoint Point Check and Roadworthy tests are done by the seller.
  • We ensure that the vehicle is settled with the seller or financial institution.
  • We ensure ownership is transferred to the new owner.
  • We ensure that the vehicle has an existing warranty and, if one is not in place, offer the buyer one.

Two qualified business managers

We have two business managers on our premises, one endorsed by WesBank, and the other independent. Both can explain the entire process to you and go through all relevant documentation.

Get the process started

All that you are required to do to get the process started and to ensure a seamless private buying and selling experience is to visit Citton Cars with the relevant vehicle documentation, valid identification, and banking details.

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