Used cars in Gezina, Pretoria

Used cars in Gezina, Pretoria


About Used Cars

For anyone that wants to buy a new car, there are many reasons why the used market is an excellent place to start looking. There’s a huge amount of variation on offer, you will be able to get great value for money, and if you buy from a reputable dealer like Citton Cars in Gezina, Pretoria, you’ll be covered legally, too.

New cars typically lose around 40% of their value in their first two years, which for those selling is a sore point. However, for buyers on the used market it means you do get far more value for money than you would when buying new and with the introduction of longer factory warranties from manufacturers, many used cars are still covered if things go wrong.

Buyers might be concerned over a car’s history or of niggling, hidden problems, but if you’re careful about what you want and check the car thoroughly you can be certain of picking up a real bargain on the used car market.

How to buy a used car?

With so much choice on the used car market you might wonder where to begin. Taking the step to start looking is a good first step, but you’ll need to ask a few questions in order to really get the car that’s best for you.

The best place is to start is by thinking about what you’ll need your car for. Will you need it for transporting your family on a daily basis? Do you need it for moving your tools and equipment? Or do you just need an efficient little run-around for yourself?

Next, you will need to set yourself a budget. When doing this, don’t just think about the money you have to spend on buying a car, but how much you will be able to spend on running it, too. If you want something that is affordable on a day-to-day basis then it’s best to look for a small car with a small engine – ideally with low emissions, as this could mean you qualify for lower road tax. You should also decide whether you want a petrol or diesel powered car. Diesels are more expensive to buy outright but typically offer lower running costs, so they are a good option for drivers that will be covering big distances on a regular basis. Unless you are covering lots of kilometres every day, however, petrol engines are often more cost efficient.

When it comes to making a purchase, you can buy from either a dealer Citton cars in Gezina, Pretoria or a private seller. Private sellers can be more competitive on price, but from a dealer Citton Cars in Gezina, Pretoria you will have legal protection. If you have an old car that you are replacing, you might be able to use this as a part exchange for a used car when buying through a dealership, which could lower your costs further.

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