Used vehicles in Gezina, Pretoria

Used vehicles in Gezina, Pretoria


What should I look out for?

Buying a used vehicle in Gezina, Pretoria can be a stressful thing to do if you’re not sure what you’re looking out for. But it doesn’t have to be. If you’re clear about what you’re looking for and what you don’t want to find you can put yourself in a good position to pick up a bargain on any used vehicle you visit, make sure you keep an eye out for these things:

Do your research on the model you’re going to see before you go to see it. There are plenty of excellent resources and forums online covering all the possible pitfalls you could find in a used vehicle. Try searching “common faults on a ….” and you’ll find a wealth of useful model-specific information to help you with your search.

Inspect the area around the vehicle for any signs of leaks. If there are any brown stains around the vehicle it’ll mean the engine has been leaking oil. Water patches or chalky marks near the vehicle could mean it has been leaking water. Both are signs of an issue you should raise with the seller.

One of the most common faults on used vehicles are the electrics. Check these are working by seeing that the headlights, the air conditioning, the electric windows and any radios or gadgets in the cabin are all working as they should.

Unfortunately, the practice of ‘clocking’ still exists and is a concern for used vehicle buyers. This is the process of winding back the odometer and falsely reducing a vehicles mileage. It isn’t as common as it once was but do make sure to check that vehicle’s mileage corresponds to the visual age of the vehicle. Are the pedals worn? Is the steering wheel as fresh as the mileage suggests?

Take the vehicle for a test drive and check whether you’re comfortable with how it feels to drive. After all, this could be a vehicle you’ll be spending a lot of time in. You need to make sure that you’re happy with how it feels and whether you can spend time in it regularly.

Listen for any rattles or noises when you take it out on the road. Any persistent problems you hear while driving could mean mechanical problems that could be expensive to repair.

When braking, gently take your hands off the wheel to see if the vehicle pulls to one side. If it does, this is a problem with the wheel alignment and will need to be rectified.

Test the steering by doing a three-point turn. Does it manoeuvre easily? Are you happy with the effort that you’ll be required to make it turn?

Check that the gearbox is smooth and that the clutch works properly. If either stick or aren’t easy to use it could spell trouble. You should be able to put the vehicle into every gear easily, and the clutch should be smooth and not stick when depressed.

But we assure you that with our used vehicles in Gezina, Pretoria you won’t encounter any problems or get a faulty used vehicle because our expert technicians check every used car thoroughly, f rom exterior bumps and scratches, to mechanical and electrical faults, you can be sure we know as much as possible about all our used vehicles.

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