What You Will Need

When Selling Your Car

Selling your vehicle can be a harrowing experience.

However, Citton Cars, 2016 Independent Car Dealership of the Year, makes it as easy as possible, giving you an offer within 30 minutes. This applies even if you do not buy a car from us.

When selling your car, you need to have the following ready to make the selling process quick and easy:

1. Ownership papers

When financing a car, ownership automatically passes to the bank or financing institution. Once you have made your last payment, contact them to request a transfer of ownership. You cannot sell a vehicle that is not registered in your own name.

2. You current, up-to date car registration papers

A vehicle whose registration is not current cannot be sold. Please ensure your car’s registration is up to date and bring the proof along with you. There are penalties to pay when a vehicle’s registration is in arrears.

3.  A valid identity document

A valid South African identity document is needed to transfer the car from you name to ours. If you are not South African, please bring along your proof of identity, as well as your residency permit.

When bringing in your vehicle, remember all keys and remote controls (where applicable). Where keys and/or remotes are missing, the offer may need to be adjusted in order to purchase replacements. Alternatively, you can have spare keys cut and remotes bought and cloned beforehand.

What Citton Cars does for you!

We take care of all the relevant paperwork on your behalf, giving you the peace of mind that your vehicle is taken off your name and transferred to ours. All that you need to do is show up with the relevant documentation as mentioned, sign wherever is applicable, and go home, safe in the knowledge your car is no longer your responsibility.

We never pressure you into buying a vehicle from us! Our friendly salespeople would be more than happy to show you around our cars and give you information on any car you are interested in, but you are under no obligation to buy one just because we bought your car. We want you to walk out the door feeling you made the best deal possible.

Experience for yourself why we were voted the best independent used car dealership in South Africa in 2016.

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